About Yellow Dog

Planning a truly memorable fly fishing vacation takes experience and expertise. Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures is a hands-on, specialty travel and destination angling company that delivers the finest “insider” knowledge you need to find, book and arrange the perfect fly fishing trip. You get personalized assistance in choosing the best trip for you — and there's never a charge for using our services. You pay the exact same as you would by booking direct. As one of our clients once commented, "booking with Yellow Dog is like having a backstage pass to the world of fly fishing."

If you’re going to travel to fish, you can do it on your own and hope that things work out. The better option, however, is to book through Yellow Dog – pay the SAME exact amount – and turn a good trip into a GREAT trip.

Right place, right time — with the right information. Call 888-777-5060 or email us at info@yellowdogflyfishing.com to begin planning your trip...